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Pastoor Consult is a distinctive connector, consultant and broker in the area of new energy and circular raw materials. Our knowledge and expertise is in the sale and purchase of circular waste. Driven by our professional inquisitiveness and pioneering mentality, we operate as business developers at an operational and practical level. We are inspired by innovative methods within existing and new sales markets and develop completely new sales markets for raw materials. 

We are both client and contractor and make frequent use of our large international network, guaranteeing quality and scope in cooperation. Pastoor Consult is proud to call itself a specialist and authority in the area of sustainable energy and circular raw materials.

Pastoor Consult operates in…

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Our Areas of expertise

New sustainable energy

Since its incorporation, Pastoor Consult has been approached actively by many international companies.  There is a global need for advice on new forms of sustainable energy. We like to think about the production and application of alternative secondary fuels. Our strength and knowledge is in the continued development, conversion and use of those circular fuels. Frequently, this concerns projects in relation to generating sustainable steam and electricity from fuels from waste.  



At national level we cooperate with developing steam pipes for generating green steam. In Europe, we operate in Great Britain as representative for Eco-Power Fuels. In South America we are working on a biomass project and on solar projects on land and water. 

Nieuwe duurzame energie


Pastoor has specialised knowledge of organic waste - biomass. We advise on the process of incineration, gasification or digesting. We use a commercial perspective to tap into the right sales markets. We stand out by finding and connecting various sales markets in the conversion and application of biomass. New biomass applications also keep us occupied on a daily basis. For example, developing boilers and/or new biogas systems.



In its role as business developer, Pastoor works on a large system that produces fertiliser granules from digestate for international agriculture. In South America, we focus on the business development of biomass. For example we make wood pellets from saw waste and clean wood waste and we are studying the possibilities of processing coconuts into purification carbons.  


Green gas

The developments in the green-gas market are accelerating and play an important role in the energy transition. Pastoor is a knowledge carrier of all things biogas and is a member of the European Biogas Association. Our strength is in finding new sales markets, well away from the beaten track. There is also a focus on developing and inventing the right methods for generating green gas in innovative ways.

Groen gas


Pastoor Consult applies its expertise of recycling in various markets. We operate in the market of incinerating sewage sludge, but also work on the recycling chain of plaster waste flows In relation to sewage sludge, we specialise in business development and the use of ash following incineration. We are looking for suitable market players, such as Dutch or German Water Boards and other sludge suppliers. The ash is also used as a phosphate fertiliser and is sold to the fertiliser industry.  


For Gips Recycling Benelux (GRB) we are looking for new sales markets for plaster powder and plaster paper in various countries. GRB is dedicated to environmental processing and reusing plaster waste flows. Plaster waste flows are also used for the plasterboard industry to replace primary plaster. An extraordinary link in this market was selling Dutch plaster powder to a cement factoryin Finland.



The road to full circularity is a hot topic at policy level. As expert, Pastoor Consult is involved with various initiatives and boards. We advise on the use of green raw materials to safeguard the feasibility and sustainability of a circular economy. The raw materials of today are the raw materials of the future. 


In our role as broker, we have a Circular Economy Chain Manager in the Province of Flevoland and we are members of the Regional Energy Strategy Advisory Council of the Province of Flevoland on behalf of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW). 

In the context of an express demand for developing Energy from Waste, we will join a Waste mission of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). ASEAN countries, including Thailand and Malaysia, are keen to work towards more recycling and Waste-to-Energy (WtE). Pastoor Consult aims to play an important role in this process.


Cement industry

In the cement industry we work as connector and consultant. Following the increasing demand for more use of alternative and/or secondary fuels, we provide services to large international cement manufacturers. With innovative thinking and actions we bring diverse markets together. In short, we look for and find new sales markets for fuels from waste.

One unique project is the link between a carcass processor and a cement factory in Romania where meat and bone meal is used as fuel. In Scandinavia and the Czech Republic we supply fuel pellets to a cement factory.  


Energy from Waste

Pastoor Consult looks for sales markets for incinerating plants. Incinerators are largely focused on incinerating residual waste in order to use the energy as efficiently as possible in the form of steam. We look for the right area or the most suitable region to establish the right place for new Energy from Waste plants. Geert Jan Pastoor carries out this work himself in his role as International Business Development Manager.


For the German company EON, Pastoor developed an incinerator resulting in a 5km steam network in Delfzijl. However, exceptional performances transcend borders. For example, we were the first to export fuels from Naples and the region where the Mafia organisation Camorra used to operate. Camorra controlled the waste sector in Naples and used to block any attempt to solve the waste problem. 

We also developed the import, and imported fuels, in Mallorca on the instructions of Tirme to safeguard the production of the WtE plant in the low season and for it to have enough to process.

Energy from Waste


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Geert Jan Pastoor

In 2005, Geert Jan Pastoor incorporated Pastoor Consult, where he has the role of owner and Executive Director. Geert Jan has always had an extraordinary interest in sustainable energy and circular raw materials. His background in agriculture, horticulture, business economics and environmental management drives him in his daily work and makes him a passionate professional. Having worked for the agricultural cooperative Agrifirm, the waste disposal company Vuilafvoer Maatschappij, Essent Milieu, EEW and the HVC group, his desire to mean more in the waste-to-energy market inspired him to develop his own business.

Geert Jan Pastoor is characterised by his resilience, accessibility, transparency and reliability.

Geert Jan Pastoor


Meeting up?

Are you interested in what we could do for you? Do you have questions about one of our projects? Would you like to develop a new market for circular raw materials or fuels? Pastoor Consult would be keen to discuss this without any obligation - whether it is an introduction or a specific question or order.  

Please use the contact form to contact us. 

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